It ain’t rocket science

When someone says, ‘It ain’t rocket science’, they mean that something is not difficult to understand. A less popular variation of this idiom is, ‘It ain’t brain surgery’.

You know what ain’t rocket science?

Rocket science.

Essentially, it’s strapping a big bomb onto a giant metal can and BOOM!, you’re in orbit. Hopefully. You know what else ain’t rocket science? That’s right. Brain surgery. We still basically have no idea how the human brain works. Twenty-first neurosurgery is only a few cuts (apologies) above the trephination practiced by our prehistoric ancestors.

I think we need a new idiom to replace these two oxymoronical phrases. It needs to use a science that’s truly impenetrable, that no one really understands, an unsolvable mystery to challenge the greatest minds. Something like…

It ain’t daylight savings time.

2015.02.06 | Uncategorized | Comments Off on It ain’t rocket science
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