Cupboard cupboard cupboard

‘Cupboard’ is one of those words that turns into nonsense sounds if I say it aloud a few times in rapid succession. Go ahead and try it (as long as you’re not, say, on a crowded train, etc.).

“Cubbard cubbard cubbard.”

Did it quickly devolve into random noise for you? 

I think it does for me because it’s pronounced “cubbard”, which is an inherently nonsensical sound, rather than “cup-board”. Which begs my next question – why is it even called a cupboard in the first place? Isn’t cupboard just another way of saying cup shelf? But these things that we refer to as cupboards are actually cup cabinets not cup shelves. Maybe it would be better if they were called cup cabinets. Or better yet, cupinets.

“Cupinet cupinet cupinet.”

Well, that definitely wasn’t a success. Cupinet turned into nonsense even faster than cupboard. I guess it’s back to the drawing board, which is actually more like a panel but that way lies madness…

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Ginger Nuts interview

Here’s an excerpt from an interview I did with the wonderfully named Ginger Nuts of Horror website.

GNOH: How would you describe your writing style?

“I never write from an omniscient point-of-view so it varies a lot depending on the voice of the character I am inhabiting at the moment. There’s also a vein of humor running through my stories, or at least an attempt to look on the funny side of things.”

The full interview is available here.

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Everything in moderation, including…

Oscar Wilde was not only a great author, he was a grandmaster of the aphorism. A pithy prodigy, if you will. One of my favourites is ‘Everything in moderation, including moderation’. I agree with the Big O – every now and again, we just have to go a little overboard. Unless you happen to be eating a bag of dried apples. Then it’s a much, much better idea to stick with this aphoristic addendum: Everything in moderation, including moderation and the aphorism ‘Everything in moderation, including moderation’.

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Stoker/Van Helsing

Bram Stoker’s given name was Abraham. Professor Van Helsing, Stoker’s famous vampire hunter from Dracula, is also named Abraham. Why did Stoker give Van Helsing the same name as himself? Did the author regard himself as a heroic (and incredibly erudite) figure like Van Helsing? Or could it have been a writerly inside joke, the 19th century equivalent of an Easter egg? I don’t believe either of those is correct. I think Bram Stoker actually was a learned vampire hunter and that Dracula is a thinly disguised autobiography. Screw Occam’s razor. I’m sticking with the explanation with the most possible assumptions for this Bram/Abraham thing.

Next week, I’ll discuss whether William of Occam was in fact a shapeshifter.

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Discrete vs. discreet

The English language is such a strange and wonderful – and many-headed beast. A gazillion English words have more than one meaning so I’m not sure why we have two different spellings for the two different meanings of discrete/discreet. Why couldn’t we just have a discrete spelling for the word? Is it because that wouldn’t be discreet enough? For me, discretion is the better part of orthography. Or maybe it should be “discreetion” is the better part.

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Cogito ergo sum?

Is it possible to disprove René Descartes’ famous statement, “I think therefore I am”? What if someone were to, say, watch Gilligan’s Island for twelve hours straight? Would they then vanish into nonexis

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Fun fact #47

Despite being a fan of the Tintin books since childhood, I only recently found out that Thomson and Thompson are not identical. They have different moustaches. Thomson’s curls up at the ends while Thompson’s is straight. I guess that makes me about as good a detective as them. To be precise, as good as Thomson.

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On Spec interview

If you’d like to find out more about Phil Voyd, T. T. Trestle, etc., check out this Rumplestiltskinish interview I did with On Spec magazine.

Read more

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First post

This is my very first post on my first blog ever. So I guess I should have come up with a snappier opening line than that to mark my plunge into the swirling vastness of the blogosphere. Read more

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