Cupboard cupboard cupboard

‘Cupboard’ is one of those words that turns into nonsense sounds if I say it aloud a few times in rapid succession. Go ahead and try it (as long as you’re not, say, on a crowded train, etc.).

“Cubbard cubbard cubbard.”

Did it quickly devolve into random noise for you? 

I think it does for me because it’s pronounced “cubbard”, which is an inherently nonsensical sound, rather than “cup-board”. Which begs my next question – why is it even called a cupboard in the first place? Isn’t cupboard just another way of saying cup shelf? But these things that we refer to as cupboards are actually cup cabinets not cup shelves. Maybe it would be better if they were called cup cabinets. Or better yet, cupinets.

“Cupinet cupinet cupinet.”

Well, that definitely wasn’t a success. Cupinet turned into nonsense even faster than cupboard. I guess it’s back to the drawing board, which is actually more like a panel but that way lies madness…

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